‘The idea for THE FINAL RAVEN came during one of my long Winchester walks. All stories should have a really good ‘what if?’ attached to them.

Everything else flows from there. So, here was the question that sprang into my mind. What if a boy discovers he is the last living descendant of King Arthur?? Simple as that, I had the idea for a story.

Luke Skywalker was nearly female

Initially, I considered whether it might be more fun if the character was a girl, but decided not to as I had other strong characters in mind and I just knew they needed to be girls. Luke Skywalker was nearly female, but we all know that Leia is really the cool one in that family!


What if?

So, with the ‘what if?’ established, I had lots of fun weaving fact and fiction together. Arthurian legends date back hundreds of years and have been adapted many times to suit the storyteller’s aims. The Plantagenet dynasty is more incredible than any fiction so it seemed like a perfect way to bring King Arthur through the centuries into modern times, and everybody loves a great villain who wants to take over the world.

And the ravens?

And the ravens? Well, I’ve been fascinated by these wonderful birds for a long time. They are intelligent, beautiful and mysterious, and of course the world famous Tower of London ravens just had to play a central role in the story!

This book is the first in a series of three, and will be continued in THE DEVIL’S BLOOD.


“Finian skilfully weaves the different threads together to produce a gripping, action packed story (the first in a three part series) that shows how with courage, determination, friendship and belief, the impossible can happen…”

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“Black manages to weave together ancient Arthurian legend, magic and intrigue in a story steeped in mystery and adventure.”

Library Girl and Book Boy 

“This is a story that is gripping from the start…absorbing adventure full of twists that you won’t see coming…”

Books for Topics

“There’s so much in this book, that everyone will find something to latch onto, be it the setting, the historical element or the modern day thriller.”

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