THE DEVIL’S BLOOD is the second in the trilogy. Luca Broom and his friends may have thought they had done all that was required but dark forces are gathering again. They will have to face new challenges and old enemies as they come to terms with who they are and what they might have to do.


Meeting the characters

It was great fun meeting the characters again and introducing some new ones. The whole story across three books is already well formed in my head. Sometimes writing can feel like wading through treacle but THE DEVIL’S BLOOD seemed to somehow write itself, with me as an interested spectator.

The Black Prince

I enjoyed exploring the historical angle of the Black Prince and some of the myths and legends surrounding him – how he died, his tomb in Canterbury Cathedral and of course the entire world of King Arthur, the Plantagenet monarchs and the ravens who are intrinsically woven into so many stories of that time.I’m looking forward to sharing the third and final book with you all in 2019 – THE BURNING STORM.


Amazon Reviews

“My boys loved ‘The Final Raven’ and so this next book had a lot to live up to. They both thought it was fantastic and really liked the way it picked up from the last story. The same great mix of magic and suspense. Five stars.”


“I think that this book was immensely enjoyable and entertaining. The plot and characters created a wonderful story. This book will appeal to anybody that likes action and adventure stories. A great sequel to The Final Raven.”

– Cara age 12


“My kids (aged 13 and 11) loved this book. My son is not a great lover of reading but finished in record time, he said it was full of action and he can’t wait for the next one!”


“My daughter loved reading this book. She can’t wait for the next one!”