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School Visits   

Over the past couple of months I’ve been visiting schools talking to their pupils about ‘The Final Raven’.  Here are some great photos taken on the day and some kinds words tweeted! 

“Thanks for visiting us yesterday ! Our Junior School had a great time listening to you!”

Cokethorpe School

Thank you to for our signed copy of ‘The Final Raven’. Harrison in Y7 and both loved this fast-paced adventure story.”

Litherland High School




School visits

Meeting the Raven Master at The Tower London  

I recently travelled to the Tower of London to meet the Ravenmaster, Chris Skaife.

Chris’s love for the amazing ravens is obvious, and it was a huge privilege to spend time with him and the birds.

Here I am with Chris, and a copy of The Final Raven.

The ravens fly around the Tower during the day and if you’re patient, they will come up to you in the hope of a bonus snack!

I love the picture of the Shard rising up into the mist, set against the old buildings of the Tower. I can imagine the children in the book standing where I was, and how the Shard would have appeared to them…

gallery images

Photographs from my trip to The Tower of London. 

School Visits 

I visited Hampshire Collegiate School and Stroud School to meet years 5 and 6. We had a great time looking at how ‘WHAT IF?’ is the start point for any story. The children came up with brilliant ideas. Some of my favourites were ‘what if everybody in my school starts turning into a zombie’ and ‘what if a boy wakes up as a pizza?’!!

The children were engaged, enthusiastic and interested in my life as a doctor, soldier and author.

Thanks to the staff for organising the visits!


Hampshire Collegiate School pupils with their copies of 

Discovery Centre’s 10th Birthday! 

I was pleased to be invited to Winchester Discovery Centre’s 10th Birthday celebrations. I met lots of readers and we chatted about THE FINAL RAVEN, King Arthur, the Tower of London and the sequel, on its way Spring 2018.

Keep checking back for pictures of me with the ravens and the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London – coming soon!​


Inside the Winchester Discovery Centre